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Streaming and Charting guides to help with NBG charting and raising in ranks.

Billboard Social 50

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Guide by LHDNDH Fan Union

Guidelines for Charting in BIllboard Social 50: Follow BAE173 on Social accounts

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Tag official Accounts and use hashtags

On Youtube, Subscribe, like, watch and comment on videos.

On Wikipedia, visit BAE173's page and stay there for at least three minutes

On Spotify, follow and stream BAE173 music.


Music Streaming

Guides for improving rank on music portals. This is for not only improving song ranking, but also general search and relevancy.




Apple Music

Music Shows

Guides for improving rank on various music shows. How to collect points and tips on when to cast votes. For detailed instructions and updates please follow @ on twitter.

The Show

Collect Votes

Guide by BAE173 Latinoamérica

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1. Download the app. Android iOS

2. Log in with their Facebook, Gmail or Kakao talk accounts

3. choose a username and agree to all the conditions

4. When entering, an advertisement will appear, simply click on the x and it will stop appearing

5. When you are on the main page, click on the little house that is at the bottom

6. Once inside the house, enter the second section

7. When you are there, click on the blue box, doing so will take you to an ad, at the end of this they will give you 10 silver coins (you can only see 5 ads per hour)

Cast Votes

Guide by BAE173 Latinoamérica

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@bae173latan theshowguide 07.jpg

1. They go back to the main page and look for the vote of The show

2. Once inside, they look for the group for which they are going to vote (in our case it would be for BAE173), and they press on the circle next to each group

3. A tab will open where they will put the number of votes they want to give and that's it

Note: In the same section where you vote, there is a part where you can put comments this is in the lower right And for each comment they give you 10 silver coins

Show Champion

Show Champion guide by BAE173 Latinoamérica

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@bae173latan showchampionguide 07.jpg

1. Download Idol Champ app. Android iOS

2. In the app, register your account.

3. Agree to all terms, enter the captcha, and confirm.

4. Set bias to H&D or BAE173 (not yet available)

5. Select your nickname. Your account has now been created.

6. To collect votes, go to the store icon in the top right corner.

7. Watch ads to gain votes.

8. Buying votes is also an option, but not necessary. Just watch videos to earn hearts and do missions.

9. Before watching videos you may need to enter your birthday


Music Bank

Music Core


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