From forBAE173
Kim Hyunwoo

March 29th, 2001
Years active2020 - Present
PositionMain Dancer, Rapper
Associated ActsBAE173
Blood TypeA
Chinese ZodiacSnake

Muzin introduced himself as one of the 3 main dancers of BAE173. His other position is Rap

Early Life

Muzin has a younger sister.


Muzin was previously a Source Music trainee, and also attended TNS Academy, alongside Youngseo. They are both from Masan.


Muzin was the fifth member announced for the group BAE173. The group will debut under Pocketdol Studio a subsidiary of MBK.

Debut Trailer : 무진 (MUZIN)


- He nicknamed Bit 곰돌이 (gomdori = teddy bear) and calls Dohyon his polar bear.
- He has a younger brother
- He can't eat seafood, raw fish and spicy food
- According to Youngseo, he doesn't gain weight easily, that's why he would like to change place with him for a day
- Habits : blinks a lot, and uses "jjinja" a lot
- Very noisy when watching YT
- According to the other members, he finds everything interesting/amazing
- He has a bright and energetic personality. one of the moodmakers of the group with Hangyul, according to Junseo
- According to him, his attractive point is his satoori (= accent). His is heavier than Youngseo's
- First thing he does when he wakes up : drink water
- Favourite foods : chicken and drinks
- He would bring Junseo on a deserted island
- He would want to live as Bit for a day
- Superpower : flying because he loves travelling
- Hobbies : hiking, reading poems
- He did the MBTI test a few hours before his introduction live, but didn't remember the result, except the IN.. part
- He was wearing a Grim Reaper costume during their Halloween vlive (201031)