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Park Junseo

December 28th, 2001
Other names박준서
Years active2016 - Present
PositionLeader, Main Dancer, Sub vocal
Associated ActsBAE173
Blood TypeB
Chinese ZodiacSnake

Junseo is the leader of the group BAE173, and one of the 3 main dancers, with Hangyul and Muzin. He is known for his dancing skills, he specializes in popping. He is also a sub vocal.

Early Life


He was part of Little Winners, a dance crew from Winners Dance School, alongside Wonjin (CRAVITY) and Shin Chanbin (contestant on Boys24 and Under Nineteen). They joined several competitions and performed in L.A. (STREET STYLE : No Limit Hip-Hop Show, 2014) and Manilla, Philippines (KNation Kpop Dance Concert, 2014). When Little Winners were interviewed in L.A., Junseo revealed he had been performing since he was 9 years old.

In 2016, Junseo joined the survival show Boys24, when he was only 14. He was the second to last youngest contestant. He was part of Unit White, and performed Shock (BEAST), Cheer Up (TWICE), 10 OUT OF 10 (2PM) and Com' Back (Sechs Kies), as well as Rising Star, Boys24's theme song.

He was eliminated in EP7, during the 1st Generation Idol Songs mission.

He auditionned at LOEN and A-CUBE, and was a trainee at Starship Ent. between 2016 and 2019. With the other Starship trainees, he had a cameo in the kdrama The Best Hit (KBS, 2017), and was probably one of Jeong Sewoon backdancers during his fanmeeting, on his Shout Out cover.


Junseo was the eighth member announced for BAE173, who will debut under Pocketdol Studio a subsidiary of MBK.
His profile photos were released on September 21, 2020, but were actually leaked accidentally by Pocketdol Studio a few days before, in a Naver blog article about the already introduced members. His debut teaser and trailer were the first videos to be released after the group teaser (October 5-6, 2020)
He is part of middle line.
He led the greetings during their first vlive as a group, and introduced himself as BAE173 leader.

Debut Trailer : 준서(JUNSEO)


- When asked about his fave kpop group in an interview with Little Winners (2014), he replied "CNBLUE"
- Junseo graduated from Seoul National University High School, a public high school attached to Seoul National University
- According to Hangyul and J-Min (vlive), Junseo gets pissed very easily. Hangyul jokingly compared him to the character Anger from Inside Out.
- According to Youngseo (vlive), Junseo eats very well and deliciously.
- According to Dohyon, Junseo dresses in a cool way, and Bit said he's innocent (vlive). Muzin also said Junseo is more innocent than he looks

from the Introducing Myself vlive :
- According to Doha, Junseo is a Seoul person, and he often borrows Junseo's (and Yoojun's) clothes
- According to Junseo, his attractive point is his voice
- He's a thinker/planner
- He is the mom in BAE173, he likes to take care of the members
- He's the one who wakes up first and wakes up the others.
- He's a light sleeper
- He would like to have the super power to read people's mind
- He loves cooking (he even wants to get a license for korean food)
- Favourite food : delicate flavours. tteokbokki and kimchi jjigae. He also loves his grandmother's food
- Before choosing the idol path, his dream was to be a swimmer
- He started dancing when he was in 3rd grade in elementary school (9-10 yo)
- His hobbies are swimming and playing games (with Doha) even if he's not good at it.
- Sports : ski, leisure sports
- He has an older sister (5 years older than him)
- He wants to live as Youngseo for a day, he thinks they are soulmates, they know what the other thinks, and they have the same tastes.
- He's a bit jealous of Hangyul's carefree personality, because he's the complete opposite.
- He likes choco mint but won't go out of his way to eat it.
- He can handle spicy food, but not fishy food

- He was wearing a Mad Hatter costume during their Halloween vlive (201031)
- His favourite color is yellow (vlive 201106)
- He wears glasses
- He still doesn't remember his mbti, other than it starts with E..., and his type is related to leader result.