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Lee Hangyul

December 7th, 1999
Other names한결
Years active2017 - Present
PositionDancer, sub-vocal
Associated Acts
Blood TypeO
Height176 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Chinese ZodiacRabbit

Lee Hangyul is a member of BAE173. He was the final member whose profile was revealed prior to their debut. However, he was one of the initial members announced to be in the group months prior. Hangyul is an accomplished dancer and has served as a back dancer to other MBK groups. He is often complimented for his girl group covers.

Early Life

Hangyul has two older brothers. As a child he did Taekwondo. He practiced for 8 years and reached black belt level prior to quiting due to injuries.

Hangyul was adopted by his parents. He greatly values his family and is close to his brothers and their kids. He's also said that he wishes to buy a house for his mom in repayment for having been a great mom. Due to his job as an idol and popularity, he has joked that his Aunts make him sign autographs for their friends.



Hangyul was supposed to debut in a band called IM66. The group already released a few teaser but the company cancelled their debut. The group stayed together as a project for a few years and before finally the sub-unit debuted first before the big group with Hangyul in both lineups. They were intended to be a 10 membered band.


Hangyul debuted with IM (sub-unit of IM66) in 2017 with their digital singles Sad Story (미치겠어). IM is a four membered group. However the debut of the larger group was halted and the subunit activities were ended in 2018 after one of the member left the company.

The Unit

Shortly after his Debut with IM he was sent to participate on the idol rebooting show The Unit. The first mission was to learn the theme song dance and Hangyul was one of the candidates for The Unit's Theme Song center but his team placed 3rd in the voting. For the second mission he performed Fire by BTS, his team placed second and Hangyul ranked 4th.

For the third mission Hangyul was placed by the mentor in the dance team and they're supposed to create a choreography and choose their own song. His team performed Stay by Zedd and also Chained Up by VIXX. His team won the mission and Hangyul ranked 4th in the team. For the fourth mission they're performing original song. His team performed an original song All Day produced by Wonder, Breadbeat, and Roydo. His team won the mission and Hangyul ranked 2nd in his team.

Hangyul advanced to the final and performed the final song Dancing With the Devil. On the show he finished in 13th place and didn't make it to the group.

UNB's Black Heart era

Though Hangyul didn't make it to The Unit's final group, UNB, he did participate with some of UNB's Black Heart stage performances as guest idol in 2018. Bae Yoonjung, the choreographer revealed in his YouTube that Hangyul helped him choregraphing Black Heart.


Hangyul participated in Produce X 101 with Nam Dohyon. He finished in 7th place and debuted with X1 in August 27th, 2019.

With X1 he participated in one promotion cycle. Hangyul was often seen taking care and spending time with the younger members.


He debuted with Dohyon as a duo, H&D. They released two albums, prior to their debut in their permanent group. Their first album was titled Soulmate (April 21, 2020).
On September 23, 2020, they released a special album, Umbrella, as a last gift for the fandom, before debuting with BAE173.


In May 2020 it was revealed by his company that Hangyul will debut in a new boygroup in Fall 2020. In September 23rd, 2020 Hangyul was the last member announced for BAE173. The group will debut under Pocketdol Studio, a subsidiary of MBK, on November 2020.


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- Hangyul wants to go skydiving.
- His english name is Michael