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Fan Projects are various projects created by fans meant to benefit either the group or its fans. They can address different topics such as Streaming, Concert events, Birthday Projects or more. Many fan projects require funding of some sort but not all do.

The majority of the Fan Projects listed are run by various BAE173 affiliated fanbases for organizational purposes. Those projects are listed here. For a full List of All Fanbases check the list. Fansites may also list Fan Projects. You can find a full list of fansites here.

The Fan Projects listed on this page are the Fan Projects created for BAE173.

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Organizer Member Purpose Duration

Finished Projects

Project Name Organizer Member Purpose Duration
Youtube ad campaign for Debut trailer : Intro @X1is111 BAE173 Brand awareness campaign in 29 countries to promote BAE173 to kpop fans who are unfamiliar with the group or members.

The campaign generated 30,3k views and 631 clicks.

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30-sept-20 to 5-oct-20
J-Min Birthday Hashtag @e_99z J-Min Deciding birthday hashtag for J-Min 201004 to 201014
J-Min Online Birthday Cupsleeve Event @weishen_gyul J-Min Online Cupsleeve Event 201008 to 201016
Pre-debut BAE173 Census @forBAE173 BAE173 Survey of the BAE173 fandom 201012 to 201020
2021 Hangyul Season's Greeting @double_nine_99 Hangyul Fansite - Hangyul Season's Greetings fro 2021 201016 to 201025
With Every Step: Lee Hangyul Birthday Project 2020 @Hangyul_intl Hangyul Hangyul Birthday present 2020 201002 to 201102
Fundraising Project: Fankit & Donation @BAE173Indonesia BAE173 Fundraising 201007 to 201031
1 Million Yt Ads @YTAdsHnD BAE173 Fundraising for Youtube Ads to get BAE173 debut to 1 million views


201007 to 201117
Stay at Home Cupsleeve event for Hangyul and Dohyon's Birthday @HDPocketdolzPh Hangyul, Dohyon Phillipines Cupsleeve event.


Dohyon Star Origami Birthday Project @LHGNDH_FanUnion


Dohyon Online origami birthday celebration for Dohyon


BAE173 Debut Message Book @forBAE173 BAE173 Book of messages from fans delivered to BAE173 to celebrate their debut


201020 to 201124
Rice Wreath Project @LHGNDH_FanUnion BAE173 Rice wreath project, on behalf of international fans, to congratulate BAE173 for their debut, and show our support. rice donation to a local charity chosen by BAE173 or the company


Brainstorming Session Fanbases BAE173 brainstorming session about cultural appropriation, racism and other issues, in preparation for a project (booklet ?) to ensure Pocketdol Studio and the members are informed about those issues


Fan Message Book @chonamgyulist Hangyul Message book for Hangyul